Notice of limited quantity sale of REIKO debut commemorative goods

To commemorate REIKO's debut, we will be selling a limited number of original goods.

■Sales start date and time

Saturday, November 25, 2023 10:00

■Shipping schedule

Scheduled to ship in late December 2023
*Delivery may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances such as weather or traffic conditions. Please note.


・Purchase is limited to 3 items of each product per person.

・The number is limited. Please forgive us if the item is sold out.

・Many errors occur when entering the email address or address when placing an order. We recommend pre-registration as a SHOP member before sales start.

・If you use a mobile phone email address, you may not receive an order completion email due to spam settings. Please set your settings in advance so that you can receive emails from "".

・Credit cards and Paidy can be used as payment methods.

・Please note that if you order items with different delivery dates at the same time, the item will be shipped only after all items are received.

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