REIKO Pre-Debut Digital Single 'No More'

No more

Pre-Debut Single 'No More'
2023.9.1 Digital Release

"No More" is a groovy dance tune written and composed by REIKO himself, and the lyrics to the sound sexyly express a worldview that only he can write, drawing you in with the simple words "Let's dance." It is a work that can be enjoyed. SUNNY BOY's project "INIMI" participates in the track arrangement.
It was produced with a dance and vocal lineup, with BFQ's TAK-YARD participating as the choreographer. The music video was directed by Takuto Shinbo and expressed the song using the world of light and shadow.


In 2021, she participated in the audition "THE FIRST" sponsored by SKY-HI despite having no experience in singing or dancing. He was signed as a trainee due to his rapid growth and high musical potential, and has since expanded his activities by participating in SKY-HI's song "One More Day" and participating in large-scale music events. A next-generation singer with a strong love for music, overwhelming singing ability, a natural groove, and a unique soft sensibility.

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